Tactical Training & Recording

Filming and editing class tutorials for Allstate Training academy (Miami) see Videos Bellow

The process with Allstate training academy is the follow: This is a basic training program and is a prerequisite for all advanced training. The programs are simple to learn, easy to train, and battle proven. they know these tactics and strategies will work for you and your family because we have tested our programs in real world force on force conflicts in urban high threat situations. Civilian and law enforcement professionals have utilized our tactics successfully reducing force escalation, avoidable injuries, and death for over ten years.

This is a Video training for LOOMIS international armored cars

I train with the instructors for take the safety procedures during the recording.

training requires 15 hours to certify or 10 hours to complete with no test requirements. Manuals are issued to each participant in every program and certificates are issued upon completion of training records corresponding with each level of training.


Recording and Advertising Family Training
Family class Participants must have a family member with you or be a victim of violent crime.

Recording Courses
Private Training – Per person per class rates.
Course Package – 10 Hours of training within a 1 month period.
Hourly Training – Hourly rate per person applies.
Unlimited Monthly Training – Monthly rate.
Life Time Family Membership – Unlimited training for a family, or group, of up to 10 people.

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practicing the skills that you have learned in a safe environment will only help to make you more knowledgeable and skilled.


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me on the training