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Introduction about the Good, the Bad and the ugly on many internet sites.
Anyone with a little knowledge on web technologies can create a Web site. The same goes for decorating or painting. However, most people will agree that the ability to design or create something that can be recognized as beautiful, intelligent or even appealing to the human senses, requires special set of skills and talent. In the Era of the Internet , a new breed of so called themselves “Web Designers” has emerged and is sadly but surely spreading all over the Cyber World. However, in reality these “Designers” have none or little knowledge about Real Design. Just because someone knows how to create a hyperlink, Copy-Paste a logo or upload a html page to a Web Host shall never call himself or be considered as a “Designer”

According to most individuals, the design of a web site is usually seem as a technical challenge and not as an artistic and creative process. That is why most web sites are designed by Information Technologies personnel (Computer guys) or programmers that have a total lack of artistic sense and basic design concepts. As a result the look and feel, consistency and message delivery is completely overlooked, sending the wrong message to users visiting the site or failing to inspire confidence.

The creation tools:
Using the right tools could make a measurable difference. Even though a good designer could create a master piece utilizing any tool he feels comfortable with, there is always the time factor. Getting to the same result in less time could be the key on meeting the client’s deadline or missing it. That is why through experience and our own trial and error process we have found the right tool combination which we believe give us a competitive advantage.

Creativity, imagination and design skills is what make the difference between a poorly design site and a well design site like these fine samples below and checkout the headers banners & flash banners samples.


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